Content Action Issue with Imported Email

I am using Grooper 2.8; in 2.7 after I expand the mail message; I was able to use content action on level 2 folder and split the pages.  In version 2.8; when I preform content action on the pdf after expanding the mail message; I am getting invalid file type for a split operation.  The file type association is a pdf.

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  • jclarkjclark Posts: 43 ✭✭✭
    Could you send a screenshot of your process?

  • henrymahenryma Posts: 56
    The error was actually in the content action; for some reason after it expand the mail message when it try to split the PDF page.  It doesn't recognize the file type as PDF.  If I manually load the PDF from the attachment it does the content action without any issue.

    I try other vendor emails it works fine; so only certain vendor emails have issue.
  • jclarkjclark Posts: 43 ✭✭✭
    From the Grooper Wiki:
    "Mail messages are imported to Grooper as Electronic Documents using the RFC822 format. The Render activity can be used to generate a PDF version of the mail message and its attachments. This process will make the mail content viewable in Grooper. "
    Have you tried adding a Render activity to verify that the .PDF files are being imported as a PDF version?
  • henrymahenryma Posts: 56
    No, let me try that
  • henrymahenryma Posts: 56
    So if I render, do I need to Image Process and OCR at a folder level now; since is not going to split it into individual pages?  So does that mean all PDF coming in will be render and I can avoid the content action split page step?
  • GrooperGuruGrooperGuru Posts: 417 admin
    Once rendered, you should then be able to run content action -> split on the pdf, and proceed with the rest of your usual process.
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