Next Step Syntax for Items in Batch

After extract step; I want to check key fields if three of the fields are blank; I want to run recognize with a different OCR engine then extract only those PDF.  I have a batch with 20 PDFS, I was wondering what syntax to use to capture the field value at the PDF level.  Will it loop through all PDFS and only submit to the next step?

I was trying to use DirectCast(Item,BatchFolder).IndexData.Fields("InvoiceAmount").Value = " " and DirectCast(Item,BatchFolder).IndexData.Fields("InvoiceDate").Value = " " and DirectCast(Item,BatchFolder).IndexData.Fields("InvoiceNumber").Value = " " in and IF logic but Item is not allow in next step expression.

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  • henrymahenryma Posts: 56
    When using should submit expression for Recognize; the problem I am facing now is since my scope is Page.  Is not picking up this expression: DirectCast(Item,BatchFolder).IndexData.Fields("InvoiceAmount").Value = " " Or DirectCast(Item,BatchFolder).IndexData.Fields("InvoiceNumber").Value = " "

    I am trying to use BatchFolder; but because of the scope of page is not processing based on my expression.  
  • henrymahenryma Posts: 56
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