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What is the most efficient method of matching static text on a form?

When matching static text on a form to be used as anchors for data extraction, what is the most efficient method?  I know we can use Data Formats with a pattern or Data Types with a pattern.  Also, sometimes the static text will occur on the form multiple times to be used in multiple anchors.  In that case, is it more efficient to create a single Data Format or Data Type to be referenced by the multiple anchor Data Types?  Please let me know if examples are required or if you have any questions.

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  • jclarkjclark Posts: 60 ✭✭✭
    @Sdurbin if you could provide some examples and what version of Grooper you are currently using would be great.
  • SdurbinSdurbin Posts: 13
    We are currently using 2.72.0022.

    Here is an example of where text is repeated in column headers we are trying to identify separately.

    In some cases, developers have created a single Data Type they use to identify the header text, then reference that Data Type as needed.

    In other cases, developers have created new Data Types each with their own pattern to identify the header text.

    In fact, it would also be good to know whether or not extraction used in a Classification step is reused in a subsequent Extraction step.

    When we're doing hundreds if not thousands of classifications and extractions in a small period of time, even little bits of saved processing time can add up.


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