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I've got a case where some text has been stricken with a line through it.  Fantastically enough, Grooper is reading that text correctly!  But, I don't want it to.  Is there a way to recognize that text has a line through it so that it can be ignored?

I thought about altering the IP profile in a way that would "mess up" the text so it is no longer legitimate, but am not sure how that affect the rest of the doc.  So before I did that, I thought I'd ask.
Kyle Souza
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  • GrooperGuruGrooperGuru Posts: 417 admin
    There currently is not a feature that explicitly recognizes where a line is present through the middle of text and allows you to discard results based on that. However, in newer versions of Grooper there is some result filtering based on underlined text. I'm now wondering if we could add a strikethrough filter as well. In the mean time, I'm guessing you are doing some form of line removal during OCR. If that is the case, you could either try disabling that IP command or changing it so that it is more sensitive to noise around the line in an attempt to force it to not remove these types of lines. Then hopefully, OCR no longer picks up the text. I added the feature request to our internal tracking system. For reference, the Feature Request ID is 4185.
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