Atlasoft Temp Files

We are having some space and performance issues on our PROD Grooper server.

I started looking around the file system and found the following directory on the server with 261,000 files in it totaling about 25 Gb. It looks like these files are generated by Arlasoft. It looks like Grooper has the Arlasoft SDK embedded, so I assume the files are generated by Grooper.

Should these files not be automatically cleaned up by Grooper?

We are on version 2.72.0026 in PROD.


  • GrooperGuruGrooperGuru Posts: 442 admin
    @The Chuck any ideas on this one? Not sure what the expected behavior is here. I've looked at a few different machines I use regularly and do not see evidence of these files remaining... granted, my environments are all on newer Grooper versions.
    Matt Harrison
    Director of Strategy
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