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Grooper 2.9 OMR Zones

In Grooper 2.72 we use the old school OMR zones to detect if a form has been signed and dated. The forms are typically printed out and hand signed/dated. We return a True/False to indicate if there is a signature and a date on the form.

In Grooper 2.72 we used the old school OMR to see if there are enough pixels in the box to indicate it is signed. If we have more than 4% pixels we consider it signed, if less than it is not signed.

I have been looking around in Grooper 2.9, but I have not been able to locate the functionality yet. Where did it move to?

Also in 2.72 this was done strictly with registration zones (text anchors) and offsets to a fixed size rectangle zone for detection. Can 2.9 use the snap-to functionality to actually look at the boxes on the form for the OMR zone?


  • jlunsfordjlunsford Posts: 127 mod
    Under the data field the value extractor can be set to zonal OMR
  • hjanumhjanum Posts: 86
    edited November 2020
    I did look at Zonal OMR under the Data Field but assumed it would not be right when it required me to add an OMR box with a maximum distance from the label. This is normally done for checkboxes, not OMR Zones where you just detect pixels.

    To add to that the documentation states:

    There are two places for the Label Extractor. One under "Data Field->Label Extractor" and one under "OMR-> Anchor->Label Extractor". What's the difference?

    Also, there are the "Data Field->Location", the "OMR->Bounds", the "Anchor->Relative To". It is a bit unclear how they all play together (or not).

    I don't see any snap options, so they cannot use the lines on the form?
    Is the Minimum confidence the percentage of black pixels in the Zone?

  • jlunsfordjlunsford Posts: 127 mod
    Anchor label extractor means the zone will move based on the location of the label, so if you have an OMR zone that isn't always on the same place on the page you can anchor it to the label to catch it.
  • hjanumhjanum Posts: 86
    As I mentioned above it seems like the Zonal OMR is detecting checkboxes, not shaded areas based on the line snap (old school OMR).

    I did some testing with another area of the form to show this. Let's start out with an anchor label.
    This particular test label is on page 2 of the form.

    I then define a Zonal OMR.

    Here is what was selected. You can see the text anchor marked by the Purple box and then the checkbox based on the Green box. Note that the highlights are actually marked on page 1 of the form, and not page 2 where the label and the box actually exists. This should probably be reported as a bug.

    I tried various ways to make the Zonal OMR detect the signature box to see if it had content, but it is not a checkbox, so it would not work for me.

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