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Two in a Batch at Once

Morning! We're finding that multiple people can get in one batch at one time. We had been under the impression that only one person can get in a batch at once, but with multiple people in the dashboard at once it sometimes happens where the batches get double worked - but one person can't complete their changes. So they do all the work and then realize someone else is in the batch by looking at the processing history.

I know I've been told the only way to really know if someone is already in the batch is to look at the process bar to see that the Data Review is 'in process', but is this something that could maybe be put in a future release - only allowing one user in a batch at one time? Or a notification saying 'XYZ is in the batch, you will be in read-only'?


  • kylesouzakylesouza Posts: 146 ✭✭
    It sounds like this is during a "Review" step.  I am curious, what are your scope and Index Navigator Settings on the step?  Also, which version of Grooper are you using?
    Kyle Souza
    Data Wizard
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  • rmcentirermcentire Posts: 40
    This is during the Data Review step @kylesouza, yes.

    Version: 2.72.26
    Scope: Batch level
    Index Navigator Settings:

  • strotellistrotelli Posts: 40 mod
    What is the scope of this step, not processing level?
  • rmcentirermcentire Posts: 40
    Sorry I didn't mean to put 'level' at the end, but Scope: Batch
  • strotellistrotelli Posts: 40 mod
    @rmcentire This does not persist in the later versions of Grooper. You might try going to 2.72.30 

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