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ParentInstance.DocumentInstance.Value in Grooper Attended Client.

I set up a table in my data model.

I need to do some character manipulation, so I need to look at values outside the table rows.
I configured an expression using the ParentInstance.DocumentInstance.Value.Length. It works well within Grooper Design Studio in 2.72.0028, but it does not work in the Grooper Attended Client.

Here is my debug field (Index).

Here is the expression:

Here is the result from within Grooper Design Studio when I test it there:

Here is the result from the Grooper Attended Client on the same document:

Note that the value of ParentInstance.DocumentInstance.Value.Length is zero and not 6002 as it is when called within Grooper Design Studio.


  • jlunsfordjlunsford Posts: 127 mod
    @dearner What do you think of this?
  • BrianBrian Posts: 29 ✭✭✭
    @hjanum When you are testing in Design Studio, are you using the Attended Activity Tester via the batch process step?  That ensures that your variables have the same context as they do when processed normally in the Attended Client.  If you are using the Attended Activity Tester, our dev team may need to take a look.
    Brian Godwin
    Solutions Manager
    [email protected]
  • hjanumhjanum Posts: 86
    I have been doing some more testing. I think the issue has nothing to do with the fact that I am displaying the data in the Attended Client. I see the same (wrong) data by inspecting the batch in Grooper Design Studio and in the Attended Client.

    The issue occurs during extraction. The data is extracted by Grooper Design Studio during extraction testing in the data model looks correct, but when the data is extracted as part of a normal batch process then the value is wrong.

    Are you able to reproduce the issue?
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