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I need help explaining why one way worked and the other didn't.

I have two extractors trying to grab the same data form the same place, one works and one doesn't, but I'm having trouble seeing and explaining why.  Both extractors extract the correct text, but when used by the table extractor only one of them works.

Document, with text highlighted (Image View):

Document, with text highlighted (Text View):

Table extraction, with "bad" extractor":

Extractor that works:

No other extractors require a named group.

Extractor that doesn't work:

I know it has the "hanging or pipe", but just removing that doesn't fix it.  Also, adding the prefix pattern to the "working expression" before the named group breaks it.  Other extractors have prefixes and work just fine.

Node Tree:

Table setup:

Column setup:

I know there is some non-ideal configuration, but it seems weird to me the other columns are working and this one isn't...
Kyle Souza
Data Wizard
P&P Oil & Gas Solutions


  • dgreenwooddgreenwood Posts: 73 admin

    Have you confirmed the "Owner Net Value" values are captured by your Row Extractor?  If you inspect each row's data instance, are those values present?  It certainly looks like they should be from what I can see here.  But, that's were I would go to first just to double check the data is there.

    Also, keep in mind since each row is broken up into its own data instance, you're "chunking" out each row's text into their own strings of text.  It appears the "Owner Net Value" is the last item in row, meaning it's the last item in the string of each row's data instance.  Since it's at the end of the string, and not the end of the line, it won't have a "\r" character after the value.  But as it's at the end of the string you can use the end of string character "$" as an anchor.

    Try replacing the "\r" with a "$" and see if that fixes the problem.
  • kylesouzakylesouza Posts: 146 ✭✭
    The "Owner Net Value" values are captured by the ROW extractor, not if I change the \r to an $ though.  I understand what you're saying about the context of the instance. With the \r to $ change it now is extracting no rows though.
    Kyle Souza
    Data Wizard
    P&P Oil & Gas Solutions
  • dgreenwooddgreenwood Posts: 73 admin
    Would you mind sending me a zip of the extractors and an example doc or two?  I can take a closer look at it and probably give you a better answer.  If you don't wish to post the zip to xchange, feel free to email me at [email protected]
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