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How to quickly purge large numbers of completed batches?

SdurbinSdurbin Posts: 13
edited December 2020 in The Astronauts (Q&A)
Unfortunately, having not paid attention initially to how batches are retained in Grooper, I have found myself in the position where I have about 100,000 batches in my production repository.  As a result, it takes a very long time just to open Grooper Design Studio let alone trying to research/reset individual batches, and during that time we run into locking issues in our Grooper database.  Additionally, I want to upgrade from Grooper 2.72 to 2.9 and fear the operation will take a very long time to complete with so many batches in the system.

Might there be a faster way to discard these batches, and one we can run during operating hours without the risk of database locking issues?

Also, I would add a step to discard batches when complete, but we would rather have complete batches available for at least a week before discarding them, so I currently just have a step to archive the batches.  Is there an efficient way to have batches automatically discarded after a week?


  • jlunsfordjlunsford Posts: 127 mod
    There is a dispose batch step but there isn't a way to get the step to wait until the batch is a week old to delete it without a custom activity.
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