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Can Grooper output to AX "Index Batches"?

Trying to find out if we can Export to AX as Index Batches rather than the traditional export as documents method.


  • qrexqrex Posts: 10
    Does "as Index Batches" mean as multi-index batches?  We use database export for this after exporting the first record using the normal document export and pulling properties like DocID back in for the multi-indexed records. 
  • BIS_jmatlockBIS_jmatlock Posts: 3 admin
    @qrex -  I'm familiar with what you're referring to; Multiple Indexes Referencing Single Document.  That is a separate feature of ApplicationXtender, that if enabled, allows you to index a page or pages more than once.  Each instance of a document (docid) references back to the same image(s).   What I'm referring to are Index Batches which are essentially a blob of pages in an AX Batch.  You can find AX Index Batches in the Document Manager "Utilities" menu.  First, you open the batch which displays the first image.  Next you index the document.  Page 1 disappears and you're left with the remaining pages of that batch.  Next, you can elect to attach the next page, attach all remaining pages, or create a new index (document).  You basically grind through an entire blob of images in the batch to index and separate as needed.  My original intent was to find out if Grooper can output to an AX Batch to be later indexed by AX.  Not the most glamorous way to process documents, I just had a particular use case and this question came up.  I have since learned that functionality does not exist out of the box.

    Is there anything in particular you're hunting for to address a need or did my question just spark your curiosity?  Let us know if you have any questions.
  • qrexqrex Posts: 10
    Nope, I just saw an answer that I thought I might know.  No worries.
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