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Configuring Notifications in Grooper x Change

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Now that you're a member of Grooper x Change, the first thing you should do is configure your Notification Settings. Various activities throughout Grooper x Change can trigger email or in-app popup notifications.

  1. To configure these, start by clicking the "Settings" icon in the toolbar and choose "Edit Profile".

  2. In the secondary menu, choose "Notification Preferences".

  3. There are some general usage settings to configure first.

  4. Then, you can configure Email or Popup notifications for each Category within Grooper x Change. This is an easy way to make sure you stay up to speed with the types of discussions that most interest you. These notifications are broken into two activity types: Discussions and Comments.

    The Discussions notifications tell you when a New Discussion is posted in the corresponding Category. The Comments  notifications tell you when a Comment is added to any discussion in the corresponding Category. Once you have everything setup to your liking, be sure to Save your preferences at the bottom before moving on.

  5. In-App Notifications will appear in the toolbar as seen below.

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