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Adding a Personal Signature

Tell users a little bit about yourself. You can create a signature that shows up below each of your posts and comments throughout Grooper x Change. Some users prefer to include their basic contact information to make themselves more available to other community members. Setting up your signature only takes a few minutes.
  1. To configure a signature, start by clicking the "Settings" icon in the toolbar and choose "Edit Profile".

  2. In the secondary menu, choose "Signature Settings".

  3. In the "My Signature" box, enter the information you'd like others to see underneath each of your discussions and comments.

  4. Lastly, you can control how you see signatures from other users as you navigate around in Grooper x Change. Here you have options to "Hide Signatures Always" and "Strip Images out of signatures". Hiding signatures will keep all signatures out of your view, but will not prevent your signature from appearing to other users in the community. Stripping Images out of signatures allows you to still see the signature for each user, but hides any images they've chosen to embed therein. This option is useful if you spend a lot of time viewing Grooper x Change from mobile devices and want to reduce the bandwidth consumed by your mobile device. 

Matt Harrison
Director of Strategy
[email protected]
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