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Batch Created from File System Import Originates in 'Null Process' folder

When I create a new Batch with New From > File System Import, the batch is created under a new folder named Null Process instead of the folder I had selected. Why does this happen?


  • BradleyBradley Posts: 91 ✭✭✭
    I suspect you are selecting Test as your Batch Type because selecting Production requires a Starting Step to be selected. This is by design. Also, it ends up in the Null Process folder because Grooper stores batches in folders named for their batch process. In this case, there is no batch process assigned so it creates this folder. If you want to create a batch at the Test folder level, you can right-click on Test and choose Add > Batch  then name the batch. You can also right-click on any desired folder under Test and add a batch using the same right-click method.

    Test batches are meant to be used to develop batch processes and perform any batch activity on the Test batch in any order using the Process Activities option (F9 shortcut). You can update the batch process after it is created if you want to perform some testing on the batch process.
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