Obtain Batch Process name from available objects within script

I'm working on a custom script and I need to know the Batch Process Name to which a batch belongs. So, knowing that I am working with a folder level object, I can work back to the batch easy enough:
        Dim folder As BatchFolder = CurNode
        Dim batch As Batch = folder.Batch
So, it would seem a logical conclusion that from that batch variable, there is a property that would give me the process name... but I can not locate this in the documentation. What is the property I am after?



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  • srosenhamersrosenhamer Posts: 7
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    Answered my own question, unless one of those David types over there says I'm on the wrong path:

    Good times.


  • RyanRyan Posts: 146 admin
    You answered more quickly than it took my Visual Studio to behave.  That's what I was thinking (and received confirmation from a few guys around me), but I wanted to be sure.  That should be what you need.

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