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Exporting Fields in a DataModel that also contains a DataTable.

How do I choose a DataModel as a Data Element in an Grooper Database Export step when my DataModel also contains tables?

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  • RandoCalrisianRandoCalrisian Posts: 182 admin
    I feel it necessary to expand on this idea.

    The example I listed above is a specific case where the DataTable has to be mapped separately from the listed DataFields because the ContentModel contains multiple DataTables, and, the DataFields are not higher in the hierarchy than the table is.

    In the example I have below, one could map the DatabaseExport step's DataElement property to the table01 DataTable.  As a result, the DataFields of table01, and all DataFields that are higher in the hierarchy than the DataTable, can be mapped in one DatabaseExport step.  However, were another DataTable to exist in this ContentModel, a separate DatabaseExport step would have to be used for it.

    Randall Kinard
    [email protected]

  • DungVuDungVu Posts: 65

    Where can I find the SQL export unattended activity library?

  • DungVuDungVu Posts: 65
    Sorry! I mean Randall.
  • DungVuDungVu Posts: 65
    Never mind! I found it in Activity step. Thanks
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