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Multiple Users Accessing the Same Batch in Attended Client

Grooper 2.70.0021

We have been receiving multiple reports from our users that they are accessing the same batch in Attended Client.  In some instances, this is happening when one user stops the task, another user will be placed in that same batch.  Another instance is that two users will be working the same batch simultaneously.  The issue with this is that only one user will be assigned that batch, and therefore the other user will be working a batch that they cannot complete, as the Complete Task option will not be accessible, even if the entire batch has been classified.  My question is, how is it possible for multiple users to gain access to the same batch?  Also, when a user Stops task in Attended Client, why does that batch remain in a Working state for the next user to access it instead of returning to a Ready state?

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  • rmccutcheonrmccutcheon Posts: 756 ✭✭✭
    Grooper will say a batch is Working because task have been started not because a person is working in it. @The Chuck or @dlittle may be able to explain that better. The only way two people should be working on a batch simultaneously is if the batch is set to folder scope. This way they are only looking at one folder at a time. If you are saying two people have opened the same full batch that should not be happening, so that would be a bug. 
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 ✭✭
    Thank you.  We do have our Classify Review scope set to the Folder level, but we have it at Level 1, which is where all of our documents are created in.  When we create a batch, we put all of the Page objects for that batch in a Document Type labeled as _LVL_1 FOLDER. If the scope is set to Level 1 folder and the entire contents of the batch are in that _LVL_1_Folder doc type, wouldn't it make sense that multiple users should not be in the same batch at the same time, because that Level 1 folder is currently being accessed?  I added screenshots of what the batch looks like in Batch Viewer, which shows the Batch and Level 1 folder level of documents.  The other screenshot is what users see in Attended Client.  Let me know if this helps at all.  
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 ✭✭
    The next time that it happens, I will document it and submit it as a bug.  Thank you again.
  • dlittledlittle Posts: 39 ✭✭✭
    For one thing, i'd re-iterate what @rmccutcheon said: the ability to view content in Attended Client is correlated with Tasks, not Batches or Batch Folders. So if there are occasions where two users are suspected of being in the same batch, then try reviewing the task information closely to see if there are more clues there. You can also review the statistics on the Root node in Design Studio. This may provide more insight.
    As to batch status, Working = work has begun on the current step. Ready = work has not yet begun on the current step. There is not a status to indicate if a user is actively working in a batch.
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