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Custom Simple Report

Reports display statistical information on operations performed within Grooper.  Simple Report is an intermediate base class (used by reports such as Bar Chart, Table and Grouped Table) that can be used to quickly deliver a simple custom report.  To write a custom report that includes a custom Report Language Definition client file, the Report (Grooper.Reporting.Report) class should be inherited.

Mandatory Overrides and Constructor

  • GetDataTable(Optional SchemaOnly As Boolean = False) - Override this function to return a Data Table to be used to dynamically create a Report Definition Language Client resource, as well as serve as the container for the data to be displayed by the report.  Base class routines will call this function when building the Rdlc source, but only need the table schema. For implementations of this class for which generating the table data is expensive, the value of this optional parameter should be checked. If the value is true, then the caller only needs the table schema. In this case, an empty data table with properly typed columns can be returned.
  • Contructor:  The following code snippet must be included the custom unattended activity.

Optional Overrides


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