Custom Web Service

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Custom Web Service

Provides a base class for services which act as self-hosted web services.

Mandatory Overrides and Constructor

  • CreateHost(Url As String):  Must create and return a ServiceModel.Web.WebServiceHost.
  • ServiceProps:  Read-only property that returns the properties of the web service as a WebServiceProperties object.  The follow examples show the Properties class being declared, the local instance of the Properties class named Props, and the override of ServiceProps that returns the Props instance.
  • PropertiesJson:  Sets and returns the properties of the web service as a JSON-formatted string value.
  • Constructor:  The following code snippet must be included in the custom web service.

Optional Overrides

  • ConnectionURL:  Convenience property which, by default, returns the FullURL path property for this web service.  Useful examples of overriding this would be something like a CMIS service that needs to append "\servicedoc" to the end of the connection URL.
  • FullURL:  By default, returns the full URL of the web service:  I.e. http(s)://<HostName>:<PortNo>/<UrlPath>.
  • HostingURL:  Returns the hosting URL for the web service.
  • PortNo:  The port number to be used for the web service.
  • See Optional Overrides for common overrides.


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