Custom Templates

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Custom Templates

Custom templates have been introduced with VSI.  Custom templates improve the development time of Grooper scripts by providing pre-made templates that contain the mandatory methods to successfully compile the selected class.  And provide suggestions for further customizing and enhancing the custom item.  Custom templates are NOT the limit to what can be created in VSI scripting.  A basic class library can be created and used as a starting point for more options.


The purpose of custom templates is to speed the development time of Grooper scripting efforts.  Custom templates supply the minimum code required to successfully compile the selected object.  Additionally, the templates display a list of suggested "TODO" items in the task list.  These "TODO" items are optional, but allow for varying degrees of customization and functionality.

How to Access

Custom templates can be accessed by going to Add..New Item from your scripting project.  This can be accessed either from the Project menu or by right-clicking on the project in Project Explorer.

Task List

Most custom templates will also add a list of items to the Task List, which can be shown by going to the View menu and selecting Task List (or Ctrl+\,T).  "TODO" tasks represent items that are important, required to successfully compile, or both.  "OPTIONAL" items are just that, optional.  Most of the optional items describe overrideable functions or properties.  Each optional item attempts to describe the default behavior and why it might be beneficial to override it.

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