Property Grid Editor and Type Converter

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Property Grid Editor (UI) and Type Converter

Type Converter:  Provides a way of converting types of values to other types, as well as for accessing standard values and subproperties.  Click here for more information.
Editor:  Used to design value editors that can provide a user interface (UI) for representing and editing the values of Grooper objects.

Type Converter

The example below is demonstrating the use of a 'PgClickToEditConverter'.  This type converter changes the basic characteristics of the property grid cell to both display '(Click to edit)' and adds a clickable ellipses.  In the case, the ellipses is used to display a sub property grid of Classification Viewer settings.

Classify Review batch process step
Implementing the PgClickToEditConverter in the Classification Viewer Settings property
PgClickToEditConverter source code


Editors provide a way to display Grooper objects in an intuitive way to the user via property grids.  In the example below, the Content Type property of the Database Export batch process step uses PgContentTypeEditor to allow users to select a content type.

Database Export batch process step

Implementing the PgContentTypeEditor in the Content Type property
PgContentTypeEditor source code

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