Visual Studio Integration (VSI)

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Visual Studio Integration (VSI)

VSI provides full scripting integration with Visual Studio and Grooper.  VSI supports full debugging and the use of custom templates.  

New Functionality

  • Supports Custom Templates.
  • Supports C#.
  • Project references are updated automatically when launching the script in Visual Studio or compiling the script.
  • Support for all Visual Studio versions from Visual Studio 2012 to current.

Why We Switched from VSTA to VSI

  • More functionality (see above).
  • Full control of the Visual Studio IDE.
  • Less overhead in Grooper.

Getting Started

  1. Go to the Script tab of an Object Library, Data Model, Batch Process Step, Data Type, or Data Table.
  2. Click the Create button.
  3. Edit the script:
    • Visual Studio - Choose the IDE Target and click the Edit in Visual Studio button.
    • Grooper Design Studio - Select the file to edit from the Script treeview, edit directly in the Script window, and click Save.


Compiling a VSI script compiles the release version of the script project and stores the resulting DLL and XML files on the scripting node.  Compiling from the Scripting tab of Grooper Design Studio is the only way to register the script with Grooper and make the script's functionality available to Grooper. 

Object Library Scripts

Object Library scripts can be used to customize the way that Grooper works.  This can be done by extending a Grooper class through inheritance or by creating methods that can be called from within Grooper.  The Custom Templates page shows all of the pre-made templates that can be used to start development.

Data Model, Batch Process, Data Type, and Data Table Scripts

Data Model, Batch Process, Data Type, and Data Table scripts operate primarily by responding to events on the object to which they are attached.  Viewing a list of events your script can handle is easy if you are working in Visual Studio: simply select DataModel from the objects dropdown at the top of the code window and then view the right-most dropdown for a list of events.

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