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Boolean Choice Yes/No Export....

I need to export a Boolean Yes or No to an AX 6.5 Repository field.  The field is a primary index field defined as Boolean Choice and has a format of Yes/No.  In Grooper my only boolean options seem to be True/False and AX rejects that value.  It also rejects a String "Yes"/"No", and an Int32 0/1.  Any suggestions?


  • lbellipannilbellipanni Posts: 130
    Kevin's recommendation looked promising that you could expand the value type and change the True and False values to Yes and No respectively.  By doing that it allowed for Yes and No selections but would still set the values to True and False, which would fail on export.  
  • lbellipannilbellipanni Posts: 130
    I looked in my AX environment of 16.3 and it appears that field is stored as an NVARCHAR(3) value, which should handle a string.  I am going to test that in my environment.  It does not work at the client site and I can see how 6.5 stores the boolean choice field due to lack of database viewing permissions.
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