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We have a Document Processing System (DPS) that handles inbound documents. This is a web application. We are enhancing the application with Grooper to check for certain sensitive words/phrases. In a later phase we will be doing auto-indexing using Grooper extraction of certain types of documents.

The workflow for that part of the system will be something along the lines:
  1. Documents arrive in the DPS from various sources. This stats a DPS workflow with several steps/branching etc. There are several quality/source checks before we get to the 'fun part'.
  2. Certain types of documents will need to be checked for certain sensitive words/phrases
  3. Those documents will be filed in a certain CMIS folder that Grooper pools and the DPS workflow will be put on hold awaiting the Grooper result. The Grooper import will only import one document per batch.
  4. Grooper will check the documents for the sensitive words/phrases. Grooper will update a DB table (using Database Export) with the result of the scan for sensitive words/phrases.
  5. The workflow will be polling this DB table to see if there are findings from Grooper.
  6. If there are findings then the workflow will go into a User Review step in DPS to verify the findings.
  7. DPS will launch Grooper for review. The document is in the Data Review step in Grooper as seen below. The Data Review screen has a very nice UI to quickly review findings and highlight them in the document for the user. The user will review the document, but I can't count on them clicking "Complete Task" in the review screen. They also may want review the document several times, so I can't "Auto Complete" the document.
  8. After the user has reviewed the findings in Groooper they will return to DTS to make a determination of how the document should be handled.
After step 8 is done the document will still be sitting in a Grooper batch. I could leave it there and just erase batches that are older than X, but sometimes they are in there for a long time, so that is not an ideal solution. Also, I would like to preserve the batches, as some of the documents will need more processing in Grooper.

Question: Can I from an external program complete the Grooper Data Review step, so the batch will continue on its merry way? Keep in mind there will only be one document per batch. I will know the batch name, document id etc.

This is only the start of the Grooper batch process. Some documents will go on to a secondary extraction for auto-indexing etc, so I would like to leave the batch intact for further processing in some cases. I can control this with "Should Submit Expression".


  • jlunsfordjlunsford Posts: 50 mod
    There is not a way to complete data review without a custom script, you would probably be better off exporting and then using a link action to bring in the index values before moving on to other steps.
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