Selecting a Lexicon for a List Values on a Data Field displays non-Lexicon objects

BradleyBradley Posts: 90 ✭✭✭
edited June 2018 in The Astronauts (Q&A)
When selecting a referenced lexicon on a Data Field, the populated list shows non-lexicon items. This occurs in both Grooper versions,  2.70.14 and 2.60.107.

(Grooper 2.60.107 but also occurs in 2.70.14)


  • rmccutcheonrmccutcheon Posts: 756 mod
    This happens all over Grooper. (Try selecting a Referenced Extractor for a Data Field, you can see the Content Model, content types, etc.)
    If you'll notice, items in the tree that are not of the type for the current property, are dimmed. If check boxes are visible, those can be checked, but those items are ignored when the property value is saved. When check boxes are not visible, dimmed items cannot be selected.
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