Looking to include a line of text in my value pattern, ending in a comma

Can someone help me understand why my value pattern in not picking up a line in my image?  I've tried everything I can think of:
thanks in advance.


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  • opusopus Posts: 21
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    Thank you.  I have sent the OCR profile and original PDF to [email protected]


  • opusopus Posts: 21
    If you cannot see my look ahead/look behind pattern, here it is:
    LA -  [\t\f\n:=]|^
    LB -  [\t\f\r]|$
    VP -  [^\s:][^\t\f:=]*

  • jlunsfordjlunsford Posts: 108 mod
    It looks like there is a colon in the line you are trying to extract, and the pattern excludes colons
  • opusopus Posts: 21
    Kyle and I took a look, we see the colon issue, and that is part of it. But we believe the bigger issue (after looking at the text view) is that the line we want is coming in before the key (highlighted in yellow) rather than after like we expected.

    How can we account for that?
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