Signature, signature, who can grab the signature?

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Grooper magicians,
I'm looking to identify "if a signature has been included in a document".  I am not concerned at grabbing the actual verbiage, just a simple Boolean Y or N.
I don't see any entries on Grooper X Change discussing this.

I would assume it is using a blank line as a baseline, with a specific dpt count, and "if dpi count surpasses baseline, then "Y", otherwise "N".  Example below

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  • dearnerdearner Posts: 96 admin
    Tagging in @RandoCalrisian and @GrooperGuru on this one, but one way I might approach this is to set up a key/value pair using "signed for identification" as the key and an extractor that grabs anything present - within a narrowly defined horizontal area to the right - as the value.  If you did OCR with good line removal, you're going to get no characters on an unsigned line and some junk characters on a signed line - so if the KVP extracts a value, that could tell you if a signature is present.
  • RandoCalrisianRandoCalrisian Posts: 171 ✭✭✭
    Using old OMR is what jumped into my mind.
    Let me set that up now, with this example...
    Randall Kinard
    [email protected]

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