How to get Original file name of a document in a batch.

Kindly go through attachment to fully understand scenario.


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    @DilipGrooper, once you run step #3 (Undo Separation), the original node and the files associated with that node are gone.  In other words, you no longer have an "original file" to reference, so you must extract the filename prior to running undo separation.

    Dilip's question, extracted:

    1.       We have a pdf file in a batch. 

    2.       Once we apply Split step, batch looks as shown below. 


    3.       Now after using Undo Separator, batch look like this 


    4.       After using Event based Separator, each page is converted into folder 


    5.       After Classification step, batch looks like this 


    6.       Now we want to get Original file name for each document, 


    We are using Default Value Expression “Folder.Native.VersionFileName” to get file name

    Generally, it works when we do not use “Undo Separation” Step. but here we are using Undo Separate step, since we want to create each page as a document, classify it and apply corresponding template to extract data.

    Kindly let us know if there is any alternate way to get file name in these situations.

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