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Where can I learn more about Multi-Column collation?

I think I have a Multi-Column Collation use case, but am having trouble with the settings and am looking for some direction (I couldn't find anything in Xchange or the Wiki, and the Administrator Reference isn't very informative on this one).

I've been fidgeting with settings, but it keeps pulling the whole page as one big glob.

Kyle Souza
Data Wizard
P&P Oil & Gas Solutions

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  • GrooperGuruGrooperGuru Posts: 463 admin
    Accepted Answer
    In its current implementation, "Multi-Column" is really only designed to work with Two-Column Layouts, plus things that are horizontally centered across the entire page like Page Titles. You can achieve the same thing through a combination of arrays. Essentially finding segments of text, arraying them together vertically, then arraying those results horizontally, then combining all of those result so they go from first page to last. You would then use that data type for a single instance section that will have "re-flowed" the text. BTW, arraying is not a word, even though I typed it multiple times. You should probably not listen to anything I have to say.
    Matt Harrison
    Director of Strategy
    [email protected]


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