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Upgrade from Grooper 2.72 to Grooper 2.9

Hi. I have a question about the best way to approach our upgrade cycle from Grooper 2.72 to 2.9.

Upgrade from Grooper 2.72 to Grooper 2.9

  • We have three environments: DEV, QA and PROD.
  • Each environment has one Grooper server and a separate MS SQL Server DB server.
  • All environments are currently running Grooper 2.72 on both client and server.
  • We have about 20 client PC’s with Grooper 2.72 installed. They perform Data Review using Grooper Attended Client.
  • The client PC’s are spread around the country in various time zones. They are not in a central location.
  • Rolling upgrade to Grooper 2.9 on both clients and servers (first DEV, then QA and finally PROD).
  • Each environment will go through Configuration/Migration, Unit Test and System Test.
  • We want no/minimal downtime for users and systems.
  • Selected users will need to be able to participate in testing Grooper 2.9 in the QA environment while still doing work on Grooper 2.72 in the PROD environment.
  • Users do not have local administrator accounts on their PC’s, so the helpdesk is needed to do a scheduled session with each user to do any operations that require administrative privileges (such as installing Grooper on their client PC’s). This means that upgrades need to be well documented and as few/quick as possible.
  • A ‘big bang’ upgrade simultaneous upgrade of server and all clients at one time is not feasible, due to the clients being spread around the country and users not having local administrative rights for installs.
  • Testing shows that Grooper 2.9 client cannot connect to Grooper 2.72 server


  • khookerkhooker Posts: 4 ✭✭
    The simplest method would be to have separate workstations that would allow the users to test in Dev / QA.  Alternatively, you can take the entire program group, default being C:\Program Files\BIS\Grooper, and copy the 2.9 contents somewhere on their machine.  Then create separate shortcuts to the .exe's that they need access to.  Last, you'd have to have a .bat or similar script that could toggle the C:\ProgramData\BIS\GrooperSysConfig.json between the 2 environments.  (The second method would be difficult to manage and train the users on, but it is feasible.)
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