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Extractor based on a lexicon? Is it possible?

I have a field with lexicon and a section of a form that has notes. Current, I extract the first word or two from the notes and hope it fits something in the lexicon. Otherwise, it gets ignored since I want that field to restrict itself to the lexicon.

I'd like to reverse that and extract any item in the lexicon from the notes field. But, I'm not sure how approach building such an extractor.  

Any ideas or even clues?


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    kylesouzakylesouza Posts: 156 ✭✭✭
    You could try using that lexicon as a list/fuzzy list in a Data Type.
    Kyle Souza
    Data Wizard
    P&P Oil & Gas Solutions
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    GrooperGuruGrooperGuru Posts: 481 admin
    If your Data Model already has a Data Section that identifies the notes portion of the document, then it sounds like you need to create a Data Table within that section. The table should have one column in it. The table can just run row extraction and point to a Data Type that runs a fuzzy list using your lexicon. Then for the one column, give it a pattern-based value extractor, which is .*
    Matt Harrison
    Product Manager
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    qrexqrex Posts: 10
    @GrooperGuru Not sure that fits. We have a semi-generic field that is used for metrics.  That has to use a predefined lexicon.  There is also a small notes field.  If they put "Sign replaced" in the notes I can get "Sign" for the metrics field, but if they put "removed the old sign and put up a new one."  not so much.  What I'd like to do is check for the presence of words from the lexicon in the notes field like a lookup specification and fill in the metrics field using that

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