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Using Should Submit and Next Step Expressions

Grooper 2021.00.0014

Is it possible to create a single batch process with multiple review steps that only become accessible based on the Should Submit Expression.  The expression that I have been testing out is "Item.ParentNode.DisplayName like "XX*"'.  For example, if the batch name that was created was "XX-123456", then I would like it go to the step name of "XX Review", with a Next Step Expression of "Extraction", so it would bypass all other review steps in between.  However, if the batch name was "XY-2345", then it would go to a step named "XY Review".  The reason for this is that we currently run several different Batch Processes that share the same initial steps of processing (Same IP, OCR, and Separation), but our users are separated by the Reviews that they are assigned.  If there was any way to accomplish this, we would be able to set 1 profile for IP, OCR, and Separation to reduce any redundancy in our batch process steps.

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    Hi @JWoodring,

    I just gave this a try with your exact expression and it looks like it works as you'd expect. The first two Review steps have Should Submit expressions for batches starting with XX and XY, while the third has no expression. When these three batches are resumed, they skip the steps which don't apply to them are submitted at the appropriate one.


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    That worked.  Thank you.  Initially, when I tested it, I had the Next Step Expression in there and it appeared that was causing conflicts.  At least that was what it appeared like to me.
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