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Sharing a data field from the batch level with every document at Folder Level 1

Grooper 2021.00.0023

Is there a way to pass a field that is enabled when the batch is created to each individual document at a lower level?  For example, If I create a batch with a data field that has a list of items ("red", "blue", "green") to determine the type of workflow path, is there an easy way to pass that field to each document?  When extraction is performed, even if I have the setting of the Extraction to "Additive", the field that a user is inputting to determine the type is blank when it gets to the "Review" step.  However, if I look at the batch folder, the input value still remains.  I have attempted to create a data field on the doc type data model and have that data field inherit the value of the input value by using both a "Default value expression" and "Calculate Expression", where the field is set to the same data field as the input value.  Neither of those have worked.  What I would like to do is set the Calculate Expression to something like "CurrentDocument.ParentFolder.IndexData().Children().Value()", and pull the data from the batch folder level as that value.

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    Update:  I was able to resolve the issue.  By setting the default value of the field to "ParentFolder.IndexData().Children(0).Value()", I was able to create a batch, set a field value at the time of batch creation, then pass it to a field that exists on the Doc Type.
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