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Combine Two Field + Compare to Lexicon

This is probably a lot easier than I'm making it.

I have two data fields that pull in content from an invoice: Routing Number and Account Number
I was provided a list where the Routing Number and Account Number are combined.
Routing Number: 12345
Account Number: 9876
Shown on List: 1234569876

I'm trying to make sure the routing number and account number pulled from the invoice during data extraction match a line item on the list provided.

What I have done:
I put the contents of the list into a lexicon.

How do I combine two fields then compare it to the lexicon, showing if it matched TRUE/FALSE?

I thought I could use a calculate expression on a new field - combining the two data fields, then use a validate expression to validate it off the lexicon. However, that's where I'm stuck. I don't know how to write a validate expression to access the lexicon. Is that possible?


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