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Grooper API reading a Default value

Is there a way for the Grooper API to look at a data field's default value?  For example, if there was a data field determining the version of the data model that had been used at the time when extraction initially took place on a document, could the Grooper API look at the Default value of that "version" data field?  If the default value is greater than the internal value that we had stored from the previous extraction, could the API be used to create a batch in Grooper and send that document to the batch to update our extracted data?


  • dearnerdearner Posts: 286 ✭✭✭
       The way that the API accesses the metadata of a document is based on the Index Data JSON file.  That file doesn't store a history of the document's extracted values, only the current state.  So the API can only get at that current state.  If you had a specific document that stored those default values in the data model, then you could just query the metadata for that specific document to get the "reference" values.
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