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OMR Checkbox Detection

Is there a way to indicate a direction using the Labeled OMR feature?  There has been some inconsistency in my data Extraction results that could be resolved if I could point the extractor to look any particular direction.  Attached is a screenshot of what the Labeled OMR values are returning.

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    And this list match containing only those 3 entries is getting hits on values from the second row? I tried the same configuration out on a test document and am getting the results I'd expect on 2021.00.0037. Has this page run through Box Detection to get the locations saved to its layout data?

    You might check your text viewer and diagnostics tabs to see if they shed any light on the issue. Could be that some of the text or boxes aren't getting picked up right.


  • tgarnetttgarnett Posts: 76 ✭✭✭
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    Hi @JWoodring, I'm looking into this now. The Grooper Wiki does show a Box Location setting, but it's likely a major version or two out of date.

    Out of curiosity, what does your list match extractor look like? Based on the screenshot, I would think you'd want a separate extractor for each of those rows.
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    That is correct.  Each one of those rows are used for other fields.  The list match is for the three options above.  Attached is the extractor.
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    Thank you for that!  I had been running the Labeled OMR extractors without performing the Box Detection first.  It definitely looks like the test results are improved from that.  I did not read the description of the "Layout Detection Summary" field on the Recognize step previously.  Thank you again for all of your help.
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