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Repeat Redaction option

Is there currently an option to add a redaction on one page and then apply that same redaction (same size and same page location) to additional pages within that same batch? Our documents require that most barcodes be redacted, but if the document has previously been scanned at least once the quality/integrity of some barcodes is compromised enough that the barcode detection accuracy regularly drops to less than 50%. This is especially true for small datamatrix barcodes. Some of our documents are 20-40 total pages and include a datamatrix barcode on each page. Even if the quality of the document looks good to the eye, there may be dozens of pages where the datamatrix barcode wasn't initially picked up, which requires our Doc Management review team to then manually apply a redaction on those missed barcodes (during the attended Data Review step). Having a right-click option in order to set a redaction and then apply that same redaction to multiple pages would be a huge time-saver for our review team, but I haven't been able to locate this option within the Grooper Attended Client processing options.

Is this an already-existing feature? Or could this potentially be a feature in future Grooper releases?


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    jlunsfordjlunsford Posts: 138 mod
    One way to do this might be to use a highlight zone extractor and reference it in your redaction step. This method would work best if the barcode was always in the same location on the page or if it was always near an extractor that you can anchor off of.
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