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Batch per Folder

Hello guys.

I´m trying to do an import watcher to read a folder with several sub folders and create a batch for any sub folder, I´ve only been able to get a batch with every document in the sub folders in it or a batch for every document and I´m starting to wonder if it is possible at all.

Have you seen something like this? Do you know if it´s possible?

Thank you in advance, any guidance or help is really appreciated.


  • PhilipPhilip Posts: 15 ✭✭
    Hello Jesus a member of our training team let me know they got in touch with you to help you with this issue. Ill document the steps we took so that there is material available for future use by other clients. Let us know if you seek any additional assistance with this and have a good day sir.
  • jcardenasjcardenas Posts: 7
    Thank you Philip, the CMIS connection did the trick.
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