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List of document names from a batch out of Grooper

Is there a way to get a list of document filenames from a batch within Grooper?


  • jspraguejsprague Posts: 6
    Folder.NativeVersionFileName will get the name of the file in a data field. You can also use  Folder.NativeVersionFileName.substring(0,10) to get the first ten characters or change the numbers in the parentheses to select other specefic segments of the filename.
  • jspraguejsprague Posts: 6
    You could also use this data model expression to return just the filename from a batch folders content link: Link.LinkName
  • jspraguejsprague Posts: 6
    One last thing, if you have removed the document link via the execute  remove link command you can still get the filename by using: Folder.AttachmentFileName
  • jbabbitt103jbabbitt103 Posts: 2
    thank you for the abundance of options, I will definitely be trying the last, as I did do an execute remove link command on this batch.  Thanks!
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