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License Activation

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License Activation

Create License Server

  1. Open Grooper Configuration as an administrator and go to the Services tab

  2. Click on Add... and the Add New Service window should open

  3. Select Grooper Licensing and select OK

  4. The default hostname should be set to the computer you are installing the service on and the default port number should be 13900.

  5. Enter the User Name and Password of the user authorized to start and stop services. (NOTE: Best practice is to use a service account and set it up as a local administrator)

  6. You should now see Grooper License Server, Instance 01 in the services window. Select the service and click Start.

  7. The Grooper License Server will now have a green circle to the left to show that it is running.


Add License Server Object

For Grooper to be able to use a license it must have a License Server object in Grooper Administration associated with the License Server service from Grooper Configuration. Once the License Server object is created it must be activated.

Create License Server Object

Open Grooper Administration and expand the Infrastructure and then License Servers tab. You should see the default Local License Server object. Right now, this just points toward localhost with a default port number.


You should also note that the right panes will show license volume and usage once activated. These are blank for now because no license has been activated. To create the License Server object:

  1. Right click on License Servers, select Add > License Server

  2. Enter an Item Name (NOTE: Best practice is to use the server name where the license service resides) and click OK

  3. Enter the Server Name and click Save


Activate License

Once you have a License Server object created you are ready to activate your Grooper License.

  1. Select the License Server object that needs to be activated.

  2. Click on Activate Online… on the toolbar.

  3. Enter your serial number in the Serial Number field and click OK

  4. You may get a Not Responding window while the activation process communicates back with the server. Also note this will need to connect to a license server at ( via port number 80.

  5. Once the activation is complete you should see your licensed volumes in the top right panel.


Set Default License Object

Once you have an activate License Server object you will need to set it as the default so Grooper knows which License Server object to use with this repository.

  1. Select the top level Grooper node

  2. On the Grooper Root tab under the System Configuration properties your newly activated License Server should be available via the dropdown

  3. Select the correct License Server and click Save


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