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Grooper Update Planning Guide

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Grooper Update Planning Guide

Major/Minor Version Differences

Major Version

A major version upgrade is one that changes major functionality in Grooper. These upgrades require you to update the database. Major upgrades are denoted by the second number in the version number. For example, going from Grooper 2.60.xx to 2.70.xx is a major version upgrade.

Minor Version

Minor versions are incremental upgrades that are responsible for fixing bugs or changing components of existing functionality. These versions will be denoted by the third number in the version number. For example, going from Grooper 2.60.88 to Grooper 2.60.90 would be a minor upgrade. These upgrades do not require a change to the database.

Backup Procedures


For a database backup, you will need to get with your system administrator to take a snapshot of the database before upgrading. If you are backing up the database, you should also back up the file store.

File Store

To back up your Grooper file store, simply copy the file store directory to another location. This way if anything happens during the upgrade you can restore your file store.

Content Models

To backup a specific Content Model, export the file out to a predetermined location. Make sure you include all the dependencies. If you need help with this, please check Importing and Exporting with Grooper.

Upgrading Grooper

Upgrading a single client

To upgrade Grooper, backup the database, file store, or content model(s) depending on the version you are upgrading to. For major versions, you will want to backup the database and file store. For minor versions, you can simply backup any current Content Models being worked on.

Before upgrading your environment, you will want to make sure that all services associated with the repository are stopped and that there are no other users connected to the repository.

Upgrading Grooper is as simple as uninstalling the old version of Grooper and reinstalling then new version. The only difference between upgrading a major and minor version is that when you are done with a major version you will need to upgrade the database. To do this, open Grooper Configuration as an administrator, select the repository and click the Upgrade button.

Updating your entire environment

Grooper has the ability to push updates to all machines connected to your environment. Just like with upgrading a single client, you will need to make sure that all services are turned off and that no users are connected to the repository.

  1. Navigate to Infrastructure > Machines from the Grooper Tree node.

  2. In the All Machines tab you can select which machines you want to upgrade by holding Ctrl and clicking each machine name. You can see in the Grooper Version column which version each machine is on.

  3. Click on the Update Target Files button to start the updating process.

  4. When updating has completed, you should see a window that shows which files were updated. Click OK. (Note: if you are having issues with a particular machine, restart and try the update again)

  5. Now you can click the Refresh button to see the current version of all machines. If everything has gone correctly, all the computers you have updated should now be on the same version.

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