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Questions on script development in Grooper

strotellistrotelli Posts: 42 admin
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I’m doing a lot of script development, and this would help me out substantially.

1. When you’re in Grooper Admin with the following screen up, does clicking “Compile” from the scripting menu compile all components of a project (or just the component selected)?

2. If you successfully rebuild the project in Visual Studio, and then close the project, is it still necessary to compile from the above screen?

3. Is there a way to change scripts and then re-test them without having to exit VS, close Admin, restart Admin, and re-enter VS? The time required to repeatedly execute these steps is a huge productivity buzz.

4. Are there certain conditions (perhaps a limited scope of changes to the script) in which the above procedure (exit, close, re-start) is not required?

5. Is there a way to test a script (that is intended to run from Data Review) without having to start from Data Review? I’m thinking perhaps of a canned EXE that calls the script (which is a
DLL) and passes in an empty Grooper structure. This would be very useful when debugging dialog boxes, where you’re principally concerned about the operation of the controls in the
dialog box, not their interface with the Grooper data structures. If this is not possible, could you suggest a method in which I could accomplish this in order to speed up testing of dialog box code? (I concede that my VS/VB.Net skills presently don’t include this technique.)

Many thanks. All suggestions are appreciated.


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    GrooperGuruGrooperGuru Posts: 481 admin
    1. This command builds the entire project.
    2. No
    3. Yes - Don’t exit Visual Studio at all. Edit your script, and then press F5 and test it in the debug session.
    4. No - A .Net assembly, once loaded into the app domain of a running application, will remain in memory until the application closes.  This is a .Net Framework thing – not something we can change in Grooper.
    5. If you are talking about a Data Model script, yes. Just use the Data Review Tester in Grooper Admin.  In v2.6, use the ‘Review Data’ command on the ‘Extraction Testing’ tab of a Data Model.
    Matt Harrison
    Product Manager
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