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Question on first running separation to create multi page documents, then classifying the pages

tmartintmartin Posts: 82 ✭✭
I am trying to set up a demo around the following: Pages are scanned in as single page tiffs. These are voucher and check pages. I want to create a folder each time Grooper identifies a voucher type(which I can do) then I want to classify the pages within this folder as the specific voucher type and check. I cannot seem to figure out how to get the second part of this scenario accomplished. I can get the batch into the below structure but cannot come up with a way to classify the page objects.


  • tmartintmartin Posts: 82 ✭✭
    In a round about way I was able to get the structure how I wanted it, but that brought up a couple other questions:

    - If one of the documents is not classified correctly, I'll need to manually make this classification while creating a new folder to put this transaction in. Current;y the only way I have found to do this is to right click on the batch level object and add new folder, then manually move the items in. Is this the only way this is done? 

    - I now have multiple levels and I am trying to extract fields from lowest level. I can seem to get the extraction to work, but can't seem to get the Data Review in the right view in order to view the extracted data.

    Below is the scenario described in the first bullet. I want to move the second 9100 voucher and check to their own "New Transaction" folder.

    Once these are organized I want to extract data from the vouchers and checks and view this data in Data Review. What levels should these tasks be run?
  • RandoCalrisianRandoCalrisian Posts: 195 admin
    There are levels of Classification to consider.  First you would want to run a specific type of Classification at Level 1.  This would create the voucher type folder structure.  Another Classification step would be performed after this, set at Level 2, to find the specific voucher type and check.

    After this, Extraction, as well, would run at different levels.  If there is extraction happening at the voucher type level, then you'd have Extraction happen at Level 1.  Then, again, another Extraction would perform at Level 2

    Does this make sense?
    Randall Kinard
    [email protected]

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