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Unmarshalling Error

JeffJeff Posts: 189 mod
I am working with a partner trying to bring documents into Grooper via CMIS from Content Suite.
The CMIS connection is successful and the Repository can be imported.

I can analyze the Repository and it shows the correct documents but when I try to import,  I get this error.

If I change the Import Mode to Sparse, the Process starts but errors at Content Action and gives the same error.

I have never seen this error and not sure how to proceed.


  • jlunsfordjlunsford Posts: 137 mod
    Unmarshalling errors are generally caused by different versions of WSDL interface on the two systems.
  • JeffJeff Posts: 189 mod
    Ok. Is there a fix for the issue in Grooper or is this something that would have to be changed in Content Suite?
  • JeffJeff Posts: 189 mod
    Still need an answer on this
  • jlunsfordjlunsford Posts: 137 mod
    This seems to be a bug, and I'm going to submit it to the dev team.
  • The ChuckThe Chuck Posts: 81 mod
    @Jeff I provided a new dll to Matt at Syntergy.  We're past the unmarshalling error.  I'm doing some research on the "CMIS Unsupported Document Type".  We still don't have a Content Suite connection we can connect to and directly test with so this is pretty slow going.  If anyone can reproduce the "CMIS Unsupported Document Type" in a BIS environment, that would accelerate this process immensely.

    Also FYI, the unmarshalling issue was that the CMIS standard supports a couple of nullable parameters when retrieving the content stream.  Content Suite's CMIS does not handle that correctly and was throwing an exception (the one about BigInts).  So, it wasn't a bug with Grooper, but it was something we are able to work around.  I'm not sure if it's a long term solution though, because other CMIS systems that handle those variables correctly may have their functionality changed.

  • JeffJeff Posts: 189 mod
    What can I do to help and what are next steps?
  • The ChuckThe Chuck Posts: 81 mod
    I'm going to get with @dearner to figure out next steps.  He's already started on a couple.  We really need to be able to connect to a Content Suite instance to test it effectively.  I'll get with him and we'll give you an update.  And, in the meantime, if you have locally reproduced the 'unsupported doc type' thing, I'd love to see that.
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