How do I use a batch name as an export folder name?

On my document export step I'd like to use the batch name to name my folder inside of my file repository. 

Is this possible? If so, what variable should I use in my Folder Level?


  • GrooperGuruGrooperGuru Posts: 417 admin
    It depends on what version of Grooper you're using and where you want to fire the expression from. If you create a Data Field in your Data Model, you can use a Default Value Expression of: Folder.Batch.Name
    Folder is essentially the document you are running extraction against, then you travel up the batch folder hierarchy to the batch itself, then grab that batch's name. In 2.8 and beyond, you can also implement expressions in the export mapping itself and do not need to necessarily create a field in the data model. Hope this helps. -Cheers
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