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It was asked of me how one could delete blank pages as an unattended (or procedural) activity.

I've shown how the Image Analysis step can collect an Intensity statistic.  When in Image Review, a user can Sort by Intensity and get all blank pages together, and as a result, choose to delete them.

However, were one to want this done automatically, they could do as follows:
In your IP Profile (1) add a command from the Feature Detection section called Blank Page Detection(2) Select what you know to be a blank page and (3) click on the Processing Details tab.  (4) Take note of the IsBlank statistic returning True.  Either via the Tools > Process Activities... menu, or within a Batch Process, apply this IP Profile to your batch.

(1) Create a Separation Profile and name it Delete Blank Pages(2) Leave the Separation Method set to Events(3) Click Add Event... to bring up the Separation Event properties window.  (4) Set Event Type to Blank Page, (5) Create Folder to False (this will prevent Separation from occurring), and (6) Delete Page to TrueSave your changes.

Now, either via the Testing tab, or within a Batch Process, run this Separation Profile.  Due to the metadata that was collected from the command Blank Page Detection if IsBlank is True for a page, the page object will be deleted.
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