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Next Step Expression - Drill Down to be Field Specific

Is it possible, in the Data Review process step, to have a Next Step Expression that targets one specific field being flagged/having a data error? I have seen other Xchange questions that ask this, but it looks like it’s related to the Should Submit Expression.


If a PO_NUMBER exists on an invoice, I flag that field. In Data Review, if it’s a valid PO number we would leave it as is and click Complete Task. We would want any invoice with a PO Number to spawn to another batch process. Otherwise we would send it to document export.

Currently I have it set up in Data Review:

If the batch has a flagged item go to spawn batch, otherwise go to document export.

I was wondering if we could drill down further and only let it go to the spawn batch if that flagged item is the PO_NUMBER field.

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  • GrooperGuruGrooperGuru Posts: 481 admin
    It is possible to modify the Should Submit expression for the batch process step so that a step only fires if there is an issue with a specific field. Don't know the syntax off the top of my head. Possibly @Brian or @Bradley would know the expression.

    However, the spawn step itself doesn't have the flexibility you would need to only spawn out documents with an issue on the one field in question. Would require a custom activity. I also think I may have heard rumblings of an update coming down the road that adds some additional flexibility to the spawn activity, but not sure when it is going to be released and what all it would include.
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