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How to Create a User Defined Button / button and process input value entered in Data Review

If process stops in Data Review step for validation, user will enter a value and click a button (labelled as "PROCESS"), event should be triggered and   DBLookup should be performed and fill up the Data fields. This is specific to the content model.


  • jlunsfordjlunsford Posts: 127 mod
    That needs to be set up in the extraction step. by connecting the lookup database to a certain filed you can populate the values during extraction as well as data review.
  • ueswaranueswaran Posts: 12
    @jlunsford, Thanks. But my request is how to create a vb button with click event ( UI Object/ Command). We have 2D barcode, if it fails reading, user will enter the barcode value in the field and click process button. 
  • jlunsfordjlunsford Posts: 127 mod
    This can be acomplished through a lookup database.  During review putting the correct field value will trigger the lookup to populate the other fields.  You don't need a custom script to populate fields from a lookup table unless you need to run the lookup off of multiple fields.
  • ueswaranueswaran Posts: 12
    @jlunsford, Thanks. Yes, i need to run the lookup off multiple fields using Stored procedure. Chances are more the extraction of Barcode value is failed. Our existing process  has a button to trigger the DB call after entering the barcode value. I can still do it in field_exit event. But it will be a training issue for the user. 
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