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Invalid index for a boolean value

qrexqrex Posts: 10
edited March 2021 in The Astronauts (Q&A)
We have a process for processing invoices.  During that process, we have a lookup that pulls information from our OpenText Application Xtender database. In Ax, we have a boolean field that is defined as Yes/No.  The lookup pulls that value into the Grooper boolean field for review with no problems.  But, when I try to export the invoice data from Grooper back to Ax, I get this failure:

AppXtender Web Service failure:Invalid index value 'False' for 'asdfasdf' field

I also get a similar message for True (Yes)

Any ideas

Best Answer

  • qrexqrex Posts: 10
    edited March 2021 Answer ✓
    Apparently, booleans in Application Xtender aren't actual booleans that hold True/False, 1/0, Yes/No values but are like a mixture of boolean and text.  We are looking at changing to a list field with Yes/No choices


  • GrooperGuruGrooperGuru Posts: 480 admin
    That makes sense. I was about to make a similar recommendation. It is not uncommon for destination systems to "mask" the true nature of the backend data type structures in a way that can cause this type of confusion. Let us know if you feel as though a suitable solution has not been implemented.
    Matt Harrison
    Product Manager
    [email protected]
  • qrexqrex Posts: 10
    edited April 2021
    @GrooperGuru This solution works.
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