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Best practices for referencing resources

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I have many Content Models, each with many Document Types. Most of them are derivatives from another, so they all share plenty of extractors, which currently are being referenced on Global Resources.

I wondered what is the best practice regarding common extractors.
  • Add them to Global Resources, and let all the Content Model reference them?
  • Add them to the Content Model's Local Resources, and make each Content Model reference its copy?
  • Add them to the Document Type's Local Resources, and make each Document Type reference its copy?
The last two options (specially the last one) will generate a massive duplication of data, but will ensure that when I export a Content Model/Document Type, everything is self-contained.

What are your thoughts on this?


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    As a best practice I would keep the extractors in a centralized location (inside the content model local resources folder). Also using naming conventions on objects within Grooper is also a great idea. Using naming conventions, like a prefix, will help you understand what objects do in that current model and can make troubleshooting issues inside of Grooper easier to track.  Here is a webpage regarding Asset Management for Grooper with best practices that will help you with this.

    Here is an example of how to name a feature extractor:
                                       Type                                                                  Prefix                                 Example

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    And when I need to copy the Document Type to another (possibly new) Content Model, the references will point to the old Content Model's Local Resources? That's the situation I have right now, and it's caused a few issues when deleting or exporting Content Models.

    Thank you for the suggestion for naming the assets. I'll start using it.
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